Hadron SuperCollider Language
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SCLang Evolution Plans

How Hadron Plans to Support SuperCollider Language Evolution

Note: this is an early draft published for feedback. Additional content to come as I gain confidence in the material.

Code of Conduct

Hadron will define a separate CoC from the SuperCollider CoC, and enforce it in all fora. I’m looking for input on the CoC, please get in touch if you’d like to help define it.


Hadron maintains a benevolent dictator for life governance model with Lucile Rose Nihlen. As BDfL I have the final say in all technical decisions. I value consensus and meaningful discussion but if agreements cannot be reached I will make the final decision. If I decide to step down, I will appoint another BDfL at that time. Like any community member, the BDfL is accountable to the CoC, and I want to appoint a CoC as soon as possible.


Hadron’s code is under the Apache license. It will maintain strong backward compatibility SCv3, but any code included from SCv3 makes the license of the package GPL, per the SCv3 license. Hadron re-implements some of the core modules inside SCv3, things necessary for language functionality like Symbol and Array. As they are a complete re-implementation, they retain their Apache license. Any other code intended for redistribution with Hadron directly will need to be similarly reimplemented, or relicensed.

Backward Compatibility

Hadron strives to be completely backward compatible with SCv3. New language features will be proposed (for now) via the SuperCollider RFC process. Within reason, Hadron will allow mixing of legacy code and code with new features, typically at the file level. This means that legacy code should continue to work, while new code can be written that takes advantage of new features, allowing the old and new to interoperate.